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Charles Grant Davis

“I live to create. The wheels of my brain are always producing new ideas. I look to the world for inspiration and hunger for knowledge. Everything I do is dedicated to creating art. Life is a work of art and every choice I do has a meaning, from eating and dressing to watching tv. It is all research for my work. I enrich my life with the gift of creation and I want the whole world to know the joy I feel creating my art.”

Charles Grant Davis is a digital artist and a paper doll designer. Grant was born in Ventura, CA in 1991. In his early years he was diagnosed with autism that brought him a different way of seeing the world: “I have autism but I am not autism. I love who I am. I can see clearly what others see as blurry. I am on the outside looking in on society and I have value”

 Grand found in art the tool to share with the world his way of seeing and living things. “I have been an artist since I was a small child. There have been many challenges along the way. No matter what happened I would always have my spirit and creativity to see me through the good and bad. Now I am embracing me and all that I can be and will show the world what I'm made of. Out of pure will and passion I have birthed a new world of beauty and wonder in the form of my art pieces. I have learned to work with the best materials to create products which meet my high standards.”

Grant is a self taught artist and he is specializing in creating his digital art with Microsoft Paint. “People are still surprised when I tell them that my digital masterpieces are created on microsoft paint. It works for me and my style and I have mastered it to my full advantage.” 

Microsoft Paint is a simple raster graphics editor that has been included with all versions of Microsoft Windows. People usually think of it as childish and for amateurs, but Grant is able to create art pieces that speaks deeply in the soul. Furthermore Grant builds a storytelling that goes from the medieval times until nowadays, based on his personal research and passion from ancient times.

Grant also wants to talk about his disability as an add value to his community and his collectors. His art and his lifestyle brings to the world new ways of confronting oneself, exiting the comfort zone and embracing people that normally would be hidden because of their diversity.

Grant is living and working from his studio in Ojai, California.

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